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Postpartum Family Planning During Sociopolitical Transition: Findings from an Integrated Community-Based Program in Egypt
Chelsea M. Cooper, Elaine Charurat, Issam El-Adawi, Young-Mi Kim, Mark R. Emerson, Wael Zaki and Anne Schuster

“The Fetus Is My Patient, Too”: Attitudes Toward Abortion and Referral Among Physician Conscientious Objectors in Bogotá, Colombia
Lauren R. Fink, Kaitlyn K. Stanhope, Roger W. Rochat and Oscar A. Bernal

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Mother, Daughter, Doctor: Medical Professionals and Mothers’ Decision Making About Female Genital Cutting in Egypt
Sepideh Modrek and Maia Sieverding

Levels, Trends and Correlates of Abortion in Tehran, Iran: 2009–2014
Amir Erfani


HPV Vaccine Programs Are Failing to Reach Young Female Populations
of Low-Income Countries

Despite Adversity, Progress Has Been Made Toward Maternal
and Child Health Goals in Afghanistan

Adolescent Marriage Is Still the Norm in Bangladesh, but Trends Show
That Marital Age Is Rising

Safe Male Circumcision Program in Uganda Attracts Sexually
Active Men Who Have an Elevated HIV Risk

High Postpartum Uptake of IUD at Private Health Facilities with Provider Trained to Insert Method

Skilled Birth Attendance Rates in Burkina Faso Rose After
Debut of Policy Subsidizing User Fees