In January alone, 260 bills related to sexual and reproductive health were introduced in 33 state legislatures. Among these are measures that would:

  • Require counseling and waiting periods for abortion--19 bills in 15 states
  • Mandate parental involvement in minors’ abortions--17 bills in 12 states
  • Establish “Choose Life” license plates--5 bills in 3 states
  • Promote access to emergency contraception--15 bills in 8 states
  • Restrict access to emergency contraception--2 bills in 2 states
  • Mandate insurance coverage of contraceptives--10 bills in 5 states
  • Allow pharmacists to refuse to provide contraceptives--5 bills in 5 states
  • Mandate insurance coverage of infertility treatment--11 bills in 5 states
  • Require that sex education be medically accurate--5 bills in 3 states
  • Allow stem cell research--14 bills in 6 states
  • Provide state funds for stem cell research--8 bills in 3 states

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