Advancing Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights
Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health
Volume 38, Number 2, June 2006

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FYI: 38(2) [HTML]
Dore Hollander


Exploring the Link Between Substance Use and Abortion: The Roles of Unconventionality and Unplanned Pregnancy [HTML] [PDF]
Steven C. Martino, Rebecca L. Collins, Phyllis L. Ellickson and David J. Klein

Boyfriends, Girlfriends and Teenagers' Risk of Sexual Involvement [HTML] [PDF]
Barbara VanOss Marín, Douglas B. Kirby, Esther S. Hudes, Karin K. Coyle and Cynthia A. Gómez

Greater Expectations: Adolescents' Positive Motivations for Sex [HTML] [PDF]
Mary A. Ott, Susan G. Millstein, Susan Ofner and Bonnie L. Halpern-Felsher

Disparities in Rates of Unintended Pregnancy in the United States, 1994 and 2001 [HTML] [PDF]
Lawrence B. Finer and Stanley K. Henshaw

Early Adolescents' Cognitive Susceptibility to Initiating Sexual Intercourse [HTML] [PDF]
Kelly Ladin L'Engle, Christine Jackson and Jane D. Brown

Contraceptive Use and Pregnancy Risk Among U.S. High School Students, 1991–2003 [HTML] [PDF]
John S. Santelli, Brian Morrow, John E. Anderson and Laura Duberstein Lindberg


Early Predictors of Sexual Behavior: Implications for Young Adolescents and Their Parents [HTML] [PDF]
Lisa D. Lieberman


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Blacks Have a Greater Risk of Stillbirth Than Whites Following a Cesarean, and Higher Stillbirth Recurrence [HTML]

Under Texas Parental Notification Law, Minors' Abortion Rate Falls, but Risk of Late Abortion Rises [HTML]

Living in a Poor Neighborhood Is a Risk Factor For Overdue Pap Screening in Black Women [HTML]

Many People with Herpes Use Condoms Only During Symptomatic Outbreaks [HTML]

Second-Trimester Abortion: Logistics and Lack of Symptoms Are Factors [HTML]

Bulk of Health Care Costs for People with HIV Are for Drugs, Hospitalization [HTML]


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