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From the Editor
Dore Hollander


Motivations and Experiences of People Seeking Medication Abortion Online in the United States
Abigail R. A. Aiken, Kathleen Broussard, Dana M. Johnson and Elisa Padron

Access to Abortion in Central Appalachian States: Examining County of Residence and County‐Level Attributes
Jenny O’Donnell, Alisa Goldberg, Theresa Betancourt and Ellice Lieberman

Risk of Contraceptive Lapse and New Sexual Partnership Among Female University Students Traveling Internationally
Summer L. Martins, Susan M. Mason, Wendy L. Hellerstedt and Sonya S. Brady

Pregnancy Intentions, Contraceptive Knowledge And Educational Aspirations Among Community College Students
Marta A. Cabral, Rosalyn Schroeder, Elizabeth Mitchell Armstrong, Alison M. El Ayadi, Aleka L. Gürel, Janet Chang and Cynthia C. Harper

Low‐Income Texas Women's Experiences Accessing Their Desired Contraceptive Method at the First Postpartum Visit
Kate Coleman-Minahan, Chloe H. Dillaway, Caitlin Canfield, Daniela M. Kuhn, Katherine S. Strandberg and Joseph E. Potter


Lisa Lieberman: Sex Ed in the U.S.—A Look Back (and Ahead)