Volume 43, Number 3

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Son Preference and Family Limitation in Pakistan: A Parity- and Contraceptive Method–Specific Analysis
Melanie Dawn Channon

Improving the Measurement of Fertility Regulation Practices: Findings from Qualitative Research in Ghana
Cicely Marston, Alicia Renedo, Gertrude Nsorma Nyaaba, Kazuyo Machiyama, Placide Tapsoba and John Cleland

Awareness and Perceptions of Emergency Contraceptive Pills Among Women in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo
Julie H. Hernandez, Mbadu Muanda, Mélissa Garcia and Grace Matawa

Preventing Pregnancy in Kenya Through Distribution and Use of the CycleBeads Mobile Application
Victoria Shelus, Nicki Ashcroft, Sarah Burgess, Monica Giuffrida and Victoria Jennings


A Choice Without Information Is Not a Choice
Cristina Lopez-del Burgo and Jokin de Irala