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“Am I Going to Be in Trouble for What I'm Doing?”: Providing Contraceptive Care in Religious Health Care Systems

Yuan Liu, Luciana E. Hebert, Lee A. Hasselbacher and Debra B. Stulberg

Provision of Contraception in New York City School‐Based Health Centers: Impact on Teenage Pregnancy and Avoided Costs, 2008–2017

Rebecca Fisher, Phoebe Danza, James McCarthy and Lorraine Tiezzi

Associations Between Perceived Susceptibility to Pregnancy and Contraceptive Use in a National Sample of Women Veterans

Laura E. Britton, Colleen P. Judge-Golden, Tierney E. Wolgemuth, Xinhua Zhao, Maria K. Mor, Lisa S. Callegari and Sonya Borrero

Reproductive Life Planning and Contraceptive Action Planning for Privately Insured Women: The MyNewOptions Study

Cynthia H. Chuang, Carol S. Weisman, Diana L. Velott, Erik Lehman, Vernon M. Chinchilli, Erica B. Francis, Merry-K. Moos, Christopher N. Sciamanna, Christopher J. Armitage and Richard S. Legro

Early Childbirth Among Foster Youth: A Latent Class Analysis to Determine Subgroups at Increased Risk

Bryn King, Andrea Lane Eastman, Claudette Grinnell-Davis and Elizabeth Aparicio