Guttmacher at PAA 2023

The Guttmacher Institute will participate at the Population Association of America (PAA) Annual Meeting in New Orleans, April 12–15, 2023. At the conference, demographers and social and health scientists will present their research in oral and poster sessions.  

This year, Guttmacher is pleased to co-sponsor, along with the International Conference on Family Planning and the Bill & Melinda Gates Institute for Population and Reproductive Health, a special preliminary event on power shifting and advancing equity in research collaborations.

Join us and our peers in this important conversation and at the following PAA sessions:


(All times listed in central daylight time) 

Wednesday, April 12


Member Initiated Meeting: Power Shifting and Advancing Equity in Research Collaborations 


Thursday, April 13


Session 10: Abortion 

Chair: Kathleen Broussard, University of South Carolina 

Discussant: Dana Johnson


10-2: A Tale of Three States: Quantifying the Effect of Medicaid Coverage on Abortion Incidence in Illinois, Maine, and West Virginia 

Jesse Philbin (presenter), Guttmacher Institute 

Liza Fuentes, Boston Medical Center 

Marielle Kirstein, Guttmacher Institute 


Invited Session 23: The Demography of Access to Contraception 

Chair: Martha Bailey, University of California, Los Angeles 

Panelists: Megan L. Kavanaugh, Guttmacher Institute 

Amanda Stevenson, University of Colorado Boulder 

Esmee Zwiers, Princeton University 

Martha Bailey, University of California, Los Angeles



Session 35: The Reporting of Abortion in Surveys: Methodological Challenges 

Chair: Isaac Maddow-Zimet, Guttmacher Institute  

Discussant: Liza Fuentes, Boston Medical Center 


35-1: Bringing Their Bias to the Interview Room: The Influence of Interviewer Attitudes About Abortion on Respondents Reporting Abortion in Ethiopia 

Elizabeth A. Sully (presenter), Guttmacher Institute 

Assefa Seme Deresse, Addis Ababa University 

Solomon Shiferaw 

Margaret Giorgio, Guttmacher Institute 


35-2: Assessing Consistency in Abortion Reporting in Panel Data: Findings From Ethiopia and Uganda 

Margaret Giorgio (presenter), Guttmacher Institute 

Elizabeth A. Sully, Guttmacher Institute 

Laura Lindberg, Rutgers University 

Stephanie Küng, Guttmacher Institute 


35-3: Exploring the Boundaries Between Abortion, Miscarriage, and Other Pregnancy Experiences: Results From a Mixed-Methods Study 

Alicia VandeVusse (presenter), Guttmacher Institute 

Jennifer Mueller, Guttmacher Institute 

Marielle Kirstein, Guttmacher Institute 

Joe Strong, London School of Economics and Political Science 

Laura Lindberg, Rutgers University 



Session 58: Preferences for and Experiences of New Pathways to Abortion 

Chair: Zoe Pleasure, University of Washington  

Discussant: Goleen Samari, Columbia University 


58-2: Exploring Opportunities and Potential Inequities in Provision of Medication Abortion via Direct-to-Patient Telemedicine and Mail in the United States: Experiences From the TelAbortion Project 

Holly Anger, CUNY Graduate School of Public Health & Health Policy 

Jessica D. Rosenberg, Guttmacher Institute 

Elizabeth Raymond, Gynuity Health Projects 


Session 60: Change and Variability in Fertility Preferences, Desires, and Intentions 

Chair: Karina Shreffler, University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center  

Discussant: Isaac Maddow-Zimet, Guttmacher Institute



Session 78: The Demographic Consequences of Abortion Restrictions 

Chair: Kathleen Broussard, University of South Carolina  

Discussant: Kristen Burke, University of Texas at Austin 


78-4: Characteristics of People Obtaining Abortions in Protected and Restricted States: Findings From the 2021–2022 Abortion Patient Survey 

Rachel K. Jones (presenter), Guttmacher Institute 

Doris W. Chiu, Guttmacher Institute 

Julia Kohn, Columbia University 



Session 103: Contextual Influences on Family Planning 

Chair: Celia Karp, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health  

Discussant: Elizabeth Mosley, Emory University 


103-1: Effects of the Dobbs Decision on Publicly Funded Family Planning Clinics: Preliminary Results From a National Survey 

Alicia VandeVusse (presenter), Guttmacher Institute 

Jennifer Mueller, Guttmacher Institute 

Marielle Kirstein, Guttmacher Institute 

Jennifer J. Frost, Guttmacher Institute 



Friday, April 14


Session 122: Couple and Intergenerational Fertility Dynamics 

Chair: Sarah Brauner-Otto, McGill University  

Discussant: Luca Maria Pesando, New York University (NYU) - Abu Dhabi 

Discussant: Elizabeth A. Sully, Guttmacher Institute



Session 143: Contraception: Methodology and Measurement 

Chair: Leslie Root, University of Colorado Boulder  

Discussant: Brooke Whitfield, University of Texas at Austin 


143-3: Contraceptive Failure Rates: New Estimates for Individual Methods and Method Combinations 

Jonathan Bearak (presenter), Guttmacher Institute 

Isaac Maddow-Zimet, Guttmacher Institute 

Ellie Leong, Guttmacher Institute 

Kathryn Kost, Guttmacher Institute 



Session 162: Family Planning: Methods and Measures for Access and Quality 

Chair: Julius Njogu, PSI  

Discussant: Navideh Noori, Institute for Disease Modeling, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation 


162-1: The Complexity of Contraceptive Strategies: Findings from a National Survey 

Laura Lindberg, Rutgers University 

Jennifer Mueller, Guttmacher Institute 

Lori Frohwirth, NYC Department of Public Health 



Session 202: Measurement of Fertility Preferences, Desires, and Intentions 

Chair: Heather Rackin, Louisiana State University  

Discussant: Christie Sennott, Purdue University 


202-3: Alignment Between Desires and Outcomes Among Women Wanting to Avoid Pregnancy 

Jonathan Bearak (presenter), Guttmacher Institute 

Leontine Alkema, University of Massachusetts Amherst 

Vladimíra Kantorová, United Nations 

John Casterline, The Ohio State University 



Poster Session P09: Fertility, Family Planning, and Reproductive Health 

P09-52: Medicaid and Missouri: Decomposing Abortion Increase in Illinois  

Jesse Philbin (presenter), Guttmacher Institute 

Marielle Kirstein, Guttmacher Institute 

Rachel K. Jones, Guttmacher Institute 


P09-57: Abortion Care Services in Rohingya Camps of Bangladesh: Perspectives of Community Stakeholders 

Kaosar Afsana, BRAC JPG SPH 

Ann M. Moore, Guttmacher Institute 

Atiya Rahman 

Pragna Mondal, BRAC JPG SPH 

Altaf Hossain, BAPSA 

Audrey Maynard (presenter), Guttmacher Institute 


P09-58: Family Planning, Menstrual Regulation, and Post-Abortion Care Service Provision: Provider Experiences and Attitudes in the Rohingya Camps of Bangladesh 

Ann M. Moore (presenter), Guttmacher Institute 

Kaosar Afsana, BRAC JPG SPH 

Altaf Hossain, BAPSA 

Mira Tignor (presenter), Guttmacher Institute 

Rubina Hussain, Guttmacher Institute 

Pragna Mondal, BRAC JPG SPH 

T M Abu Sahel, BRAC JPG SPH 

Audrey Maynard, Guttmacher Institute 



Saturday, April 15


Session 219: Adolescent Fertility: Trends and Predictors 

Chair: Chenyao Zhang  

Discussant: Ann M. Moore, Guttmacher Institute



Session 256: Sexual Behavior Over the Life Course 

Chair: Jennifer Barber, Indiana University  

Discussant: Isabel Brooks, University of Texas at Austin 


256-2: Using Sequence Analysis to Examine Adolescents’ Sexual Activity and Contraceptive Use Patterns Following Transition to First Sex 

Isaac Maddow-Zimet (presenter), Guttmacher Institute 

Laura Lindberg, Rutgers University 


Session 264: Population Politics, Population Policies, and Fertility 

Chair: Yang Wang, University of Wisconsin – Madison  

Discussant: Dana Johnson 

Discussant: Ester Lazzari, University of Vienna 


264-2: A Multistate Analysis of the Prevalence of Crisis Pregnancy Center Attendance 

Teresa Kuhns, The Ohio State University 

Jill Davis 

Megan L. Kavanaugh, Guttmacher Institute 

JaNelle Ricks, The Ohio State University 

Maria Gallo, The Ohio State University