The Guttmacher Institute’s international work on HIV and other STIs focuses on developing regions. Our research and advocacy efforts have focused on the linkages between HIV and sexual and reproductive health and rights, the impact of STIs on maternal and newborn health, the need for new technologies (including multipurpose prevention technologies) and U.S. support for global AIDS programs. 

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Several studies have suggested that progestin-only injectable contraceptives (particularly DMPA), may potentially increase women’s risk of HIV acquisition, but overall, the evidence is mixed and difficult to interpret. In collaboration with the World Health Organization, the Centers for Disease Control, and other partners, Guttmacher is leading an effort to systematically collect, assess and synthesize the epidemiological evidence on this important subject, to help ensure that global contraceptive guidance is informed by high-quality, up-to-date scientific information. Providing accurate information about the risks and benefits of various contraceptive options is critical, and empowers people to make more informed family planning decisions